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A travel industry leader in distribution and data, this company settles more than $88.5 billion in transactions annually between airlines and travel agencies. The company struggled to coordinate planning between Finance and its business users. Business users would send Finance their data, which Finance would enter into the planning and reporting system – a manual data entry process which was time-consuming and prone to errors.
The system resulted in additional challenges – there was no simple way to maintain detailed revenue, personnel or capital plans, or to do meaningful scenario planning. Additionally, product and sales managers were unable to track operational information, performance metrics or performance against budget. As a result, the company was hamstrung in its ability to make data-driven decisions.


The travel company now has an integrated planning solution with Workday Adaptive Planning. The FP&A team now has more time to plan at the product or customer-level, allowing them to better understand revenue drivers. They can also perform scenario analysis, which helps them to make more informed decisions.



As a result of using Workday Adaptive Planning, the company has reduced its turnaround time for ad hoc analysis and reports from four days to three hours. The solution’s self-service reporting has increased collaboration and ownership of the budget and forecasts among business users. With Workday Adaptive Planning the company is coming up with better forecasts, better understanding, and better information around its revenue streams.