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A holding company for several subsidiaries that administer and manage more than $800 billion in financial assets needed to be able to manage its diverse portfolio more nimbly and with greater detail. The firm faced significant data integrity issues and difficulty running real-time reports. Additionally, it was a very complex process to consolidate multiple organizational entities into high-level financial plans, making it difficult to get a view of the “big picture.”


Workday Adaptive Planning gives the financial services firm a single, up-to-date source of financial reporting. The team is now able to make changes much more easily, and, as a result, they are using the system frequently. They can also now get the level of background detail they need as a result of the ability to drill-through into a cell. The team can also run real-time reports, which is a huge benefit to the organization.



This single source of data gives the firm’s team a better understanding of the company’s financial performance based on specific business drivers.
By using Workday Adaptive Planning, the financial services company has been able to integrate custom financial models, making it easier to individually manage a complex set of companies and better understand how each one fits into the financial services firm’s overall financial picture.