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A manufacturer of quality computer hardware and networking tools to manage technology data needed a better understanding of factors and business drivers that impact the bottom line. The company also needed a more intuitive view of performance metrics across departments, as well as a higher standard of data accountability.


The manufacturer turned to Workday Adaptive Planning to integrate data from multiple sources, producing forecasts, P&L statements, and providing the latest data to executives and to the company’s board of directors.

Workday Adaptive Planning has also enabled the manufacturer to quickly consolidate performance data involving multiple currencies from 25 office locations.



As a result of improved collaboration, greater budget ownership, and a deeper understanding of the factors to the bottom line, the manufacturer has grown its revenue by 700% over seven years. Workday Adaptive Planning gives the team improved visibility into growth opportunities, its intuitive interface has increased the team’s sense of ownership over plans and budgets, and the company now has a more reliable and faster process for consolidating multi-currency plans and reports.