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This family-owned collection of more than 40 wineries and brands span winegrowing regions in the US, Europe, South America and South Africa. As a result of the company’s growth, Finance was no longer able to manage budgeting and reporting within the company’s existing system, which was difficult to use. Non-finance users could not get the data they needed to produce accurate, effective reports because the system was too complex. The FP&A staff required assistance from IT consultants.
The spreadsheet-based approach was also not able to keep up with the growth of the business. It could not scale with the company’s growing number of brands, business units and SKUs.


Solution: Workday Adaptive Planning gives the family-owned winery’s Finance and executive teams the data and insights they need to plan 10 years out. The company has a single, easy-to-use solution to manage finances across multiple business units and brands – a solution that is current and accurate.



The Workday Adaptive Planning solution is so easy to use that the FP&A team can do the majority of the system management. Business users across the company have timely access to real-time data that informs more accurate forecasts and scenario planning. This has enabled the winery to make not just better decisions at headquarters, but also better decisions in the field and at channel distribution.